Alpine Slightly Advanced course (C2)

Registrations for the summer program 2022 will be open from 3rd of January until the 7th of March. The link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Is it your ambition to become an expert in alpine climbing, however, you only have small experience? This course will be the starting point for you! In an intensive approach, all basic alpine skills are discussed doing exercises and tours. Firstly, you will be familiar with various hiking/climbing techniques in both rock, snow and ice terrain. Secondly, you’ll learn rope techniques, orientation and other alpine skills, such as weather administration and danger recognition. The course is designed to give you a solid foundation to make simple tours on your own.

Entry requirements:
· Active SAC member
· Available on all course dates (see below)
· Good condition (7.5 km running in 45 minutes)
· Climbing level: following in 4th degree terrain on Climbing shoes and in the possession of the OV-SP status.
· Rope skill: binding in to glacier rope, belay using the Munter hitch (HMS), rappelling, rewoven figure-eight knot, direct binding, building pitches
· Rescue techniques: Seilrolle-glacier, prusik ascend, tie-off half clove hitch, Münchhausen technique
· Knots: Double figure-eight knot, rewoven figure-eight knot, Munter hitch, Clove hitch, prusik knot, rewoven prusik knot

The NSAC aims to ensure that participants have at least mastered the following points at the end of the course. The precise implementation of the course cannot be determined in advance because of factors such as the weather and the overall stamina of the participants.

· Briefly repeating all the material of the C1 course (safe movement in basic terrain is a requirement to continue in the alpine training course)
· Leading and planning simple tours yourself (instructors take the role of coach)
· Learn to belay in all types of rock terrain · Dealing with different types of rope handeling (laying out, rope transport, shortened rope)
· Learn to use the terrain efficiently to belay
· Learning how to make belay points with schlinges, nuts & cams
· Learning to belay in snow and ice (basic)
· Repetition and extension of theory (for example: students interpret the weather forecast every day, etc.)
· Mastering the following rescue techniques: crevasse rescue, self-rescue from crevasse, express flaschenzug
· Efficient and safe learning to move forward in 2nd and 3rd degree terrain
· Learning to climb rock ridges
· Evaluation of alpine dangers
· Learn the difference between mountaineering and sport climbing, and where these disciplines meet and overlap (alpine sport climbing, trad climbing, bolting in the Alps, etc.)
· Being able to independently make PD / AD tours.

Kick-off day: the kick-off will take place on April 2nd at USC universum in Amsterdam. More information about the exact timetable of this day will follow later. On this day, the entry requirements are tested. These requirements are necessary to ensure that participants’ are skillful enough to follow the course and to keep the focus of the course on techniques which can’t be practiced in the Netherlands. It is therefore important to meet these requirements. For this reason the kick-off day is mandatory for everyone.

Preparation evening: After the publication of the assigned course groups, each group will arrange for a preparation evening. This evening is planned in coordination with the instructors and participants. Course: All courses are given between the start of July until the end of August. The C2 will be 7 days (6 nights). You will be assigned by the ZP Commission in a given week. Attempts are being made to maintain the preferred weeks of the participant as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In addition, we strive for intersacial course groups.

Costs: The cost of the C2 course in 2022 is estimated to be €850. This includes expenses for instructors, half board for the course week and the kick-off day, but without travel expenses and tour food (See here for the general terms and conditions.)

Are you already convinced that this is what you want? Sign ups will close March 7nd.