The NSAC summer program

The RAB NSAC summer program 2023 is currently accepting registrations! Look at the individual course pages for the registration forms and the corresponding closing dates!

Every year the NSAC organizes the summer program, in cooperation with all the 14 SACs. The NSAC summer program offers alpine courses for different levels of experience to beginners and more advanced climbers, with the purpose of making everyone independent for performing alpine routes. These courses aim for those who have the ambition to perform these routes at a certain difficulty, and possibly, eventually wish to lead these expeditions.

This summer, the NSAC will organize the summer courses again. Gaining experience and knowledge in rock, snow and ice will be combined with making awesome expeditions! The alpine courses will be elaborated on within your own SAC at specific information evenings, during activities or at the climbing wall.

You can ask your Alpine Coordinator or Committee, who will give information, answer questions and tell beautiful stories about his or her experiences. You will also be able to find information on this website, under the heading of ‘summer’. Look around on the website for more information about the specific courses.

Also have a look on our Facebook page to stay informed of all the news regarding the summer program. Check out this movie: Disclaimer: we advise all participants of courses to arrange a cancelation insurance. Be quick with this!